What Caesar did for my salad What Caesar did for my salad
What Caesar did for my salad What Caesar did for my salad

Anglais What Caesar did for my salad (édition en anglais)

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Did you know that the Cornish pasty was invented to protect tin miners from arsenic poisoning, what biscuit is named after an Italian revolutionary or that the word 'salary' comes from Roman soldiers being paid their wages in salt? What about who invented the balti or first flipped a pancake in the air or that Marie Antoinette actually said 'Let them eat brioche' (which puts a whole different take on the French Revolution)? Where does cheese-rolling come from or hot-cross buns? Is the 'french fry' an conspiracy to steal the chip from the British? And when it comes to salad, did you know the Ancient Egyptians saw lettuce as a potent aphrodisiac... We have become so obsessed with checking ingredients and calorie counting that we've lost sight of the bizarre stories behind our favourite dishes and where they come from (not to mention their unusual creators). What Caesar Did For My Salad is crammed full of fascinating insights, characters and incidents that show our history is surprisingly full of food-related incidents from Alfred burning the cakes to the Boston Tea Party. This hilarious book has enough stories to entertain a hundred dinner parties.

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