• Production scheduling


    The performance of an company depends both on its technological expertise and its managerial and organizational effectiveness. Production management is an important part of the process for manufacturing firms. The organization of production relies in general on the implementation of a certain number...

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  • Knowledge Management (KM) encompasses a wide range of tools and methods that are at the heart of the information and communication society and provide solutions that rely as much on organization as on technology. This title brings together contributions from authors from a range of countries who are...

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  • Global consumer behavior


    Globalization is a leading force for industry worldwide, especially the new technology sector. This presents both problems and opportunities in the emergence of a new type of consumer and the effects of globalization on industry in terms of culture, economics, marketing, and social issues at every s...

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  • Approaches to avoid loss of life and limit disruption and damage from flooding have changed significantly in recent years. Worldwide, there has been a move from a strategy of flood defence to one of flood risk management. Flood risk management includes flood prevention using hard defences, where app...

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  • A revised and updated edition of the bestselling "no-nonsense guide to beating the competition."-Publisher's Weekly Becoming a Category of One reveals how extraordinary companies do what they do so well and gives you the tools and ideas to help your business emulate their success. Packed with real c...

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  • Multiple Streams of Income

    Robert G. Allen

    • Wiley
    • 19 janvier 2011

    In Multiple Streams of Income, bestselling author Robert Allen presents ten revolutionary new methods for generating over $100,000 a year-on a part-time basis, working from your home, using little or none of your own money. For this book, Allen researched hundreds of income-producing opportunities a...

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  • The Negotiation Book

    Steve Gates

    • Wiley
    • 8 octobre 2015

    Winner! - CMI Management Book of the Year 2017 - Practical Manager category Master the art of negotiation and gain the competitive advantage Now revised and updated, the second edition of The Negotiation Book will teach you about one of the most important skills in business. We all have to negotiate...

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  • Merging theory and practice into a comprehensive, highly-anticipated text. Corporate Finance continues its legacy as one of the most popular financial textbooks, with well-established content from a diverse and highly respected author team. Unique in its features, this valuable text blends theory a...

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