• 300 millions ! 300 millions d'anciens francs, c'est ce que contenaient les coffres de la Banque. Dommage qu'il y ait eu un mort. Dommage qu'on ait dû prendre des otages. Et quels otages ! Le directeur de l'agence, une femme légère et une bonne soeur ! Dommage aussi qu'il faille payer les commanditaires. Dommage encore qu'il faille partager. Et si au fond 300 était divisible par 1 ? Un policier noir, très noir, mais plein de vie malgré ses huit cadavres. De l'humour. Noir, naturellement. Du suspense.

  • Lorsque sa femme et ses deux filles, qui attendaient son retour, sont écrasées par un chauffard qui prend la fuite, le gros industriel accuse le coup. Mais très vite il se jure de faire payer les coupables et, lorsque l'enquête de police est close sans que rien n'ait abouti, il charge son homme de confiance, Steve Darras, de reprendre l'enquête à zéro. Et celui-ci ira de surprise en surprise, faisant peu à peu sien le désir de vengeance de son patron, cependant que sur un rythme haletant et avec une habileté diabolique l'auteur bâtit un extraordinaire roman noir couronné par le Grand Prix de la Littérature Policière.

  • When Jonny went missing everything changed.His mother's heart is full of terror and sadness instead of joy.His father's study overflows with newspaper cuttings and profiles on missing people instead of the academic texts that were there before.His sister, once carefree, now carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.His bedroom at home remains untouched and ready for his return.A place is set for him at the table on Christmas day each year.His birthday is always celebrated; unopened gifts for him gather dust.The hands on the clock continue to move forwards and yet Jonny hasn't returned. Where is he?

  • Steven Gerrard is a hero to millions as the inspirational captain of Liverpool FC and a key member of the England team. His bestselling autobiography, Gerrard, published in September 2006, is an honest and fascinating account of his life-long obsession with football and the tensions and thrills of playing at the top level.Now the book is available in this abridged version that is perfect for all young football fans.

  • Anglais Gerrard

    Steven Gerrard

    Steven Gerrard is a hero to millions, not only as the inspirational captain of Liverpool FC, but as a key member of the England team. Here, for the first time, he tells the story of his lifelong obsession with football, in an honest and revealing book which captures the extraordinary camaraderie, the soul-destroying tensions and the high-octane thrills of the modern game as never before.Born in the Liverpool suburb of Huyton in 1980, Steven first joined Liverpool as a YTS trainee and played his first game for the first team aged just 18. His career has gone from strength to strength ever since and he is now the team's captain and its lynchpin. Liverpool's incredible comeback in the Champions' League final in Istanbul in May 2005, recovering from a 3-goal deficit against AC Milan to win on penalties, is testament to the amazing power Gerrard has over his team. His presence on the pitch is a force to be reckoned with and places him amongst the very first rank of players in the world.A relatively private figure, Steven has rarely spoken out in public. Now, his legions of fans will be allowed an intimate glimpse of what makes their hero tick. He speaks for the first time about the torturous will-he-won't-he Chelsea rumours and his undying passion for Liverpool. We experience first-hand the highs of winning in Istanbul and elsewhere, as well as the occasional lows of being parted from his much-loved family and friends. And of course, the book contains a full blow-by-blow account of England's world cup campaign in Germany 2006.Steven Gerrard's book is the definitive football autobiography. Like its subject, it's honest, passionate and exhilarating. If Steven Gerrard isn't your hero yet, by the time you've read this he will be...

  • Steven Gerrard is a genuine Liverpool legend.Captain at the age of 23.Two FA Cups.Three League Cups.One UEFA Cup.And that Champions League win.Gerrard embodies the spirit and passion of Liverpool football club like no other in the modern era.From the raw but talented youngster who made the jump from the Melwood training ground and took to the famous Anfield turf at 18, to the talismanic skipper who has led his beloved club through thick and thin, this stunningly illustrated book, complete with exclusive new photographs, is the story of his fifteen momentous seasons at Liverpool FC.Along with a foreword from Kenny Dalglish, this is Steven Gerrard's Liverpool story in his own words.

  • The letters were found in a locked briefcase in a London mansion. Shocking and explicit, they are all addresed to the same mysterious woman: Chloe. It is clear that the relationship between the writer and Chloe is no ordinary one, but a liaison governed by power, which transforms an innocent young woman into a powerful sexual enigma. Each letter pushes Chloe a little nearer to the limitsof sexual role-play until, as events reach their climax, the question must be asked: who is really in control.

  • DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide: Paris will lead you straight to the best attractions this enchanting city has to offer. Whether you're looking for the best restaurants and bars, a hotel to suit your budget, or want to find Paris' best nightspots, this guide is the perfect companion. Rely on dozens of Top 10 lists - from the Top 10 haute couture to the Top 10 events and Top 10 museums, there's even a list of the Top 10 things to avoid! The guide is divided by area - Chaillot; Invalides & the Eiffel Tower; the Champs Elysees; Tuileries & Opera; Montmartre; Beaubourg & Les Halles; Marais & the Bastille; Ile de la Cite & Ile St-Louis; St Germain, Latin & Luxembourg Quarters; and Jardin des Plantes - covering all Paris' highlights and packed with reviews for restaurants and hotels. Plus, there's all the insider knowledge every visitor needs to explore every corner of Paris effortlessly in the DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide: Paris.

    Now available in PDF format

    DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide: Paris - showing you what others only tell you.

  • The name Reggie Kray remains synonymous with London's East End to this day, and yet although much is known about Reg and his brother Ronnie's life of crime in the '50s and '60s, to date precious little has been revealed about their formative years. Reggie wrote his EAST END STORIES in the early 1990s, but they haven't seen the light of day until now. In the book, he recalls the close-knit East End community in which he and his brother grew up, the characters in his family and neighbourhood, and of course, the many villains he worked with. Filled with anecdotes about the area's most outlandish personalities and notorious criminals, and offering a fascinating journey around the Krays' 'manor' including their favourite haunts and business enterprises, the book paints a vivid portrait of a London that has long since disappeared.

  • Anglais Strictly Bizarre

    Kitt Gerrard

    Someone is stealing from Halligan Technology. More than that, they're highjacking the erotic fantasies of Halligan's most creative employees to get what they want. Now it's up to Terri Bizarre, psychic sexual investigator, to uncover the truth. But the truth is concealed in dark tales of depravity and sensual obsession - the most closely-guarded secrets of men and women who, under the whiphand of Miss Bizarre, now have no option but to confess...

  • Secrets and memories collide in The Twilight Hour, the new novel from bestselling author Nicci Gerrard.'Be with me now, at the twilight hour. When the light fails.'
    'I'm here.'
    'Tell me.'
    'What shall I tell you?'
    'Tell me about us, when we were young. What was it like? What was I like then?'Eleanor Lee has lived a fiercely independent existence for over ninety years, but now it's time to tidy her life away - books, photographs, paintings, letters - a lifetime of possessions all neatly boxed up for the last time. But amongst them there are some things that must be kept hidden. And, nearing blindness, Eleanor needs help to uncover them before her children and grandchildren do.Peter, a young man with a broken heart who feels as lost as Eleanor's past, is employed to help with this task. And together they uncover traces of another life - words and photographs telling a story of forbidden love, betrayal, passion, grief and self-sacrifice, which Eleanor must visit one last time.By speaking her memories out loud, and releasing the secrets of her past, Eleanor can finally lay them to rest. To honour them at last, and protect those who must never know.Praise for Nicci Gerrard:'Beguiling, poignant, wonderful' Sunday Express'Acutely observed and beautifully written' Woman and Home'Subtle, poignant and tremendously skilful' ObserverNicci Gerrard writes for the Observer and is the co-author, with Sean French, of the bestselling Nicci French thrillers. She lives in Suffolk with her husband and four children. Her novels Things We Knew Were True, Solace, The Moment You Were Gone, The Winter House and Missing Persons are all published by Penguin and received rave reviews.

  • Marisa suffers from the kind of problem no newly married woman should endure - especially one as carnally driven as she is. She has lost the ability to climax. It's sending her so crazy she seeks professional help. In the therapist's consulting room, she confesses her deepest, darkest erotic fantasies in an effort to free her sexual block. And fails. Now Marisa has no choice but to follow the most radical treatment her doctor can advise - to live out the acts of sensual depravity that torment her frustrated mind...

  • Undercover agent Jayne Morton has been in many compromising positions in her career but none so challenging as this one - to be trapped on an Antarctic listening-post with a man who's tormented by sexual deprivation. And her own provocative presence does nothing to alleviate his condition. Or hers. With the prospect of relief a winter away, the pair are forced to devise a means of living in comfort without undermining their professional relationship. Their solution is to revive the art of erotic storytelling. To liberate their yearning flesh by giving their sensual imaginations full rein. To lie naked in their solitary bunks and spin Midnight Tales of Torment through the long reaches of the night...

  • Being a psychic sexual investigator can certainly be a stimulating way of earning a living. Terri Bizarre only has to look out of the window of her office and probe the minds of passers-by to experience their most secret sexual fantasies. But when a fresh-faced young woman called Fiona Courtley walks into her office and asks for her help, Terri knows instinctively that she is about to enter a world of desire beyond anything she has ever experienced. Fiona is concerned that her previously virginal flatmate, Rachel, has become dangerously addicted to a TV show called Imagine This in which viewers' most lustful fantasies are portrayed on-screen. Not only does Rachel spend her time pleasuring herself in front of the television in full view of Fiona, but Fiona is worried that she is beginning to find the sight of her lust-crazed flatmate strangely exciting... Will Terri manage to cool their passions, or will her insights into Rachel and Fiona's depraved desires just make things worse?

  • The Bald Eagle is a comprehensive description of the morphology, behavior, flight patterns, hunting, migration, nesting, development, and growth of bald eagles.

  • Gaby and Connor seem to have a loving marriage - one that is built on knowing every last intricate detail about one another, or so Gaby has always believed. When their son Ethan sets off for university, discovering for the first time, the raw and uncontrollable intensity of falling in love, Gaby and Connor will be alone again - a chance to rediscover their relationship, just the two of them.But there is one person missing from Gaby's life. One person who she cannot forgot - Nancy, her best friend since childhood. As teenagers they shared their deepest secrets, fears and dreams for the future. As adults they discovered love - Gaby with Connor and Nancy with Gaby's adored brother, Stefan. The foursome became inseparable. Then one day, Nancy upped and left. Now, almost twenty years later, with Ethan away from home, Gaby finds herself idly watching television when a sharp stab of recognition hits her - the face she recognizes on the screen belongs to Nancy. Suddenly, the friend she thought she'd lost for good is within her reach. But does Nancy want to be found?The search for her long lost friend forces Gaby not only to revisit her past, but could also shatter the course of her future . . .

  • When Marnie receives a phone call that summons her to the side of a once-beloved friend, she is wrenched from her orderly London life and sent back into a past from which she has fled but never escaped.Ralph, Marnie and Oliver once knew each other well and are still inextricably bound by ties of love and betrayal. Now they meet again in Ralph's secluded cottage in the Scottish highlands, to spend the precious days that Ralph has left with each other.As they reminisce, Marnie is taken back to the summer years ago when everything changed between them and heartbreak and desire broke up their little group. Will Ralph have the chance to say what needs to be said before it's too late? And can they put the devastating events of twenty years ago to rest and rekindle the intimacy they once shared?

  • Anglais One Bowl

    Don Gerrard

    One Bowl proposes a simple but extraordinarily powerful idea: By adopting a single bowl as the vessel for your meals, you will become more aware of the food you eat, how you eat, and the effects (large and small) of particular foods on your body and your spiritual and physical well-being. Author Don Gerrard guides us through every process of adapting to the one-bowl philosophy of eating, including choosing a bowl, deciding what to fill it with, and being attentive to every stage of eating and digestion. Although not rooted in any single spiritual tradition, One Bowl is certain to resonate with everyone who can appreciate that the Buddha, for example, ate out of one bowl, in silence, whether eating by himself or in a group. The book is beautifully illustrated with black-and-white photos throughout.

  • *A Most-Anticipated book of 2017 by The Millions
    *Best New Science Fiction for Summer by The Washington Post
    Everyone else knows the truth about you, now you can know it, too.
    That’s the slogan. The product: a junky contraption that tattoos personalized revelations on its users’ forearms. It’s an old con, playing on the fear that we are obvious to everybody except ourselves. This particular one’s been circulating New York since the 1960s. The ad works. And, oddly enough, so might the device...
    A small stream of city dwellers buy into this cult of the epiphany machine, including Venter Lowood’s parents. This stigma follows them when they move upstate, where Venter can’t avoid the whispers of teachers and neighbors any more than he can ignore the machine’s accurate predictions: his mother’s abandonment and his father’s disinterest. So when Venter’s grandmother finally asks him to confront the epiphany machine and inoculate himself against his family’s mistakes, he’s only too happy to oblige.
    Like his parents before him, Venter is quick to fall under the spell of the device’s sweat-stained, profane, and surprisingly charming operator, Adam Lyons. But unlike them, Venter gets close enough to Adam to learn a dark secret. There’s an undeniable pattern between specific epiphanies and violent crimes. And Adam won’t jeopardize the privacy of his customers by alerting the police.
    It may be a hoax, but that doesn’t mean what Adam is selling isn’t also spot-on. And in this sprawling, snarling tragicomedy about accountability in contemporary America, the greater danger is that Adam Lyon’s apparatus may just be right about us all.

  • “Build a wall about your heart.”
    Riordan Wollstonecraft labors under the heavy burden of his forebears. For generations, a curse has followed the dashing young men of his family, guaranteeing the women they love an untimely death. The youngest grandson of the Earl of Wollstonecraft Hall, charismatic Riordan is quietly resigned to his fate, an educator who devotes his life to good works, and ignores any longing for something more . . .
    Widowed and penniless, Lady Sabrina Lakeside is desperate to avoid a second forced betrothal--this time to an aged marquess. Her chance encounter with Riordan leads her to an impulsive offer: a temporary marriage of convenience that could benefit them both. His agreement is as surprising as it is welcome. Before long, Riordan’s keen intellect and kind words have Sabrina rethinking her plans of a union in name only. But her new husband is holding something back. Will giving in to their tantalizing passion lead her only to further heartache . . . or could it be the first step toward healing them both?
    “Karyn Gerrard writes very enjoyable, richly textured historical romances.”
    --Kate Pearce, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

  • This book explores the contemporary conditions of marginal work within the context of persistent unemployment, poverty, and homelessness in wealthy nations. Drawing from research concerning three cities-Melbourne, San Francisco, and London-Jessica Gerrard offers a rich account of one of the most precarious informal forms of work: selling homeless street press (The Big Issue and Street Sheet). Combining analyses of sellers' everyday work experiences with theorizations of marginality, working, and learning, Gerrard provides much-needed insight into contemporary forms of entrepreneurial and precarious work. This book demonstrates that those who are unemployed and seemingly unproductive are, in fact, highly productive. They value, desire, and seek practical work experience whilst also struggling to fulfill the basic needs that many of us take for granted. 

  • Saucy, rude and vulgar-the 31 Carry On films remain an important part of the history of British cinematic and low brow comedy. In this book, Gerrard discusses the Carry On roots in the music halls of the Victorians and the saucy seaside postcards of Donald McGill. Made in post-war Britain, these films reflect a remarkable period of social change as the British Empire faded and a nation learned to laugh at itself. Nothing was sacred to the Carry On team. James Bond and Cleopatra were mercilessly lampooned, Miss World competitions and toilet factories came in for a cinematic pasting, while Sid James' laugh, Barbara Windsor's wiggle, Kenneth Williams' flared nostrils and Charles Hawtrey's "Oh, hello!" became synonymous with laughter, merriment and fun. Gerrard's work examines the Carry On films as part of a wider canvas linking both their heritage and tradition to the contextual world they mirrored. The Carry On Films is an essential read for Carry On fans the country through.