• Les rumeurs les plus folles courent sur « la Fille des marais » de Barkley Cove, en Caroline du Nord. Pourtant Kya n'est pas cette créature sauvage et analphabète que tous imaginent et craignent. Abandonné à l'âge de dix ans par sa famille, c'est grâce au jeune Tate qu'elle apprend à lire et à écrire, découvre la science et la poésie. Mais Tate, appelé par ses études, doit partir à son tour. Et lorsque l'irréparable se produit, elle ne peut plus compter que sur elle-même...

  • A lush debut novel , Owens delivers her mystery wrapped in gorgeous, lyrical prose . It's clear she's from this place-the land of the southern coasts, but also the emotional terrain- you can feel it in the pages . A magnificent achievement, ambitious, credible and very timely

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    • 7 Octobre 2021

    ''A remarkable story beautifully told... Among such classics as Goodall''s In the Shadow of Man and Fossey''s Gorillas in the Mist '' Chicago Tribune Carrying little more than a change of clothes and a pair of binoculars, two young Americans, Mark and Delia Owens, caught a plane to Africa, bought a thirdhand Land Rover, and drove deep into the Kalahari Desert. There they lived for seven years, in an unexplored area with no roads, no people, and no source of water for thousands of square miles. In this vast wilderness the Owenses began their zoology research, working along animals that had never before been exposed to humans. An international bestseller on original release, Cry of the Kalahari is the story of the Owenses''s life with lions, brown hyenas, jackals, giraffes, and the many other creatures they came to know. It is also a gripping account of how they survived the dangers of living in one of the last and largest pristine areas on Earth.

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